EdTech Spotlights: Stacy Libal, GT Teacher, Flips with Google Classroom

Teachers typically use Google Classroom for home learning opportunities, whole-class activities, and/or discussion threads.  It’s a great way to push content to students and share thinking.  Libal turns that model on it’s head to help meet the differentiated needs of her GT students, during their regular classroom time, even when she’s off site.

Libal leverages Google Classroom, offering enrichment to students they can access any time throughout their school-day.  She uses videos to flip the learning for new concepts students will be introduced to in their next GT sessions.  It’s a simple idea with genius outcomes.   Students can stay within the content area during regular class time, while helping to prepare for their next GT class, contributing to projects, conducting research, and more.


Stacy’s split FTE means 20 students in 2 different schools are vying for her time and attention, even when she’s out of the building.  Google Classroom allows Libal to be there for both students and teachers, 100% of the time.  GT students need her whenever they complete work early.  Classroom teachers are tasked with presenting new and interesting learning opportunities to this both exciting and challenging population.  Stacy has turned to a well-honed tool with a new purpose in mind.  Her flipped model is simple, straight-forward, and innovative.  She’d love to help you get started, so reach out any time!

By Jeannie Sponheim

This post originally published Dec. 15, 2017, on tsdtech.org

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