Digital Storytelling – Student Creativity at its Best

Digital storytelling is a great way for students to deepen their understanding of content through the creation of a product that can be shared with a social media audience.  Using a digital filmmaker, such as iMovie or Youtube’s online editor, have students display their content knowledge or skills through a short movie to share with other students.  Here is a video I created to provide an example for my students:

Using iPads, or allowing students to use their own phones, I implemented this activity as a final assessment for the year in 8th grade Social Studies.  Students chose a topic in which they were interested from the year, then linked it to a Social Studies standard in order to be assessed.  After developing a storyboard and a script, students created their digital stories.  Because this assignment integrated Speaking skills, I worked with a Language Arts teacher on my team to create a cross-curricular assignment, assessed in both classes.  There were high levels of creativity from many students.  It was especially exciting to see and hear another side from my students because they often felt more comfortable presenting through film.  Here is a wonderful (and funny) example from one student:

By Joe Zappa @edtechtsd

Image credit:

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