Wondering What Students Are Up to on the iPad? Apple Classroom gives teachers a look.

It’s the end of another day that has gone as well as can be expected.  Most students have accomplished the goals set, provided some tremendous insights, and caused a few well needed laughs.  Now, students have left the room and the teacher is picking up a few iPads that were left on the desks.  The teacher looks at one in particular and notices that, instead of completing today’s activity, the student took about 50 pictures of classmates… If only I had noticed this earlier, the teacher thinks.

Apple Classroom can give the teacher a quick view of which app each student is using.


Apple Classroom can give the teacher a quick view of which app each student is using

Included on our newest iPads, using Apple Classroom, teachers can look at each iPad assigned to the class, quickly viewing what each student is doing at the moment.   From the teacher’s iPad, he or she can see each student’s iPad and which app the student is currently using.  Apple Classroom can also conveniently organize classes.  The iPad will remember to which student each iPad has been assigned and organize students into groups.  For those off-task students, the teacher can use Apple Classroom to lock an iPad onto one particular app or even launch one.  Imagine seeing that a student is on Angry Birds, then is launched back to BrainPop, and locked.  Teacher for the win.

On a more collaborative note, a teacher can pull student work from the student iPad and project it onto the big screen.  While this is happening, the teacher can lock the students’ iPads so that they are focused on what’s being projected.  The teacher can also Air-Drop digital materials to the students’ iPads.  And finally the teacher can log out all students at the end of class to prepare for the next one.  This is some very intuitive stuff from Apple and will make using iPads in your classroom operate much more smoothly.

By Joe Zappa, EdTech

Image Credit: Apple

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