Master Plan Committee Accepting New Applications

Thompson School District’s Master Plan Committee (MPC) is seeking out new members for its 2017-2020 round of district planning and will be opening applications to the community starting August 7th.

The MPC currently consists of eleven voting members from the community-at-large and four voting members from the school district. MPC will be filling openings with community representatives from all boundary areas and professional backgrounds. Members of the MPC serve a three-year term.

Previously, the MPC committee has established the Thompson Reinvented plan, addressed issues with building security and determined needed wireless infrastructure. MPC also created scorecards that rated the health of each TSD facility based on maintenance needs, energy efficiency, technology infrastructure, access and amenities.

In June, the district’s Board of Education asked the committee to expand their current scope of work. “The upcoming MPC will be focusing their work this coming year on making recommendations regarding district efficiency and the development of a balanced budget by the 2019-2020 school year,” said superintendent Dr. Stan Scheer. “A balanced budget is imperative because of the continuing drain that exists on our available reserves.”

The new MPC will work to address school building maintenance, operations and functions, as well as address concerns of efficiency and the challenges faced with an influx of students from new developments.

About the Thompson School District Master Plan Committee:

Thompson School District’s Board of Education created the Master Plan Committee in 1995 to provide an ongoing assessment of school facility conditions and act as an advisory committee to the board. An annual master plan is the result of this group’s study and findings. For more information on the Master Plan Committee, or to apply, visit the Thompson School District website or call the TSD Planning Manager at 970-613-5017.

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