2017 National Teacher Appreciation Week ~ Jennifer Fodness

5.10.17 Krista_Fodness, MES

Thompson School District is proud to celebrate 2017 National Teacher Appreciation Week, May 7-13. All this week, we are featuring photos and inspirational words submitted by students and families throughout the district.Teacher:

Teacher: Jennifer Fodness

Student: Krista

School: Monroe Elementary

Grade: K

My daughter Krista is lucky to be in Ms. Fodness’ kindergarten class at Monroe Elementary. Krista thinks Ms. Fodness is the best teacher because she is always kind, cheers her and her classmates up when they are sad, helps resolve conflicts, and lets her class do GoNoodle dances during school. I can tell that Krista loves school because Ms. Fodness has instilled learning into her heart. As a first-time parent of a school-aged child, Ms. Fodness has set the bar high. She’s made this transition so easy. She’s easy to talk to and always takes the time to answer our questions as well as Krista’s. We love her. She’ll say that she’s just doing her job, but we truly appreciate the effort, care and love that she gives to Krista and all of her classmates. She for sure is one of the best teachers I have ever met!

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