2017 National Teacher Appreciation Week ~ Teresa Stockley

5.9.17 Rylee_Stockley, CES - feature

Thompson School District is proud to celebrate 2017 National Teacher Appreciation Week, May 7-13. All this week, we are featuring photos and inspirational words submitted by students and families throughout the district.

Teacher: Teresa Stockley

Student: Rylee

School: Centennial Elementary

Grade: K

We enormously appreciate Mrs. Stockley at Centennial! She has always been so patient with Rylee and is honest when I ask how she’s doing. If Rylee struggled in school on a particular day, she is straightforward but also compassionate in expressing that to me. She also shares praises with us when Rylee had a successful day. Rylee has never had a negative word to say about Mrs. Stockley. She has been extremely diligent in helping Rylee grow and continue to meet her goals. We are so proud of Rylee’s progress this year, and it is hugely credited to the wonderful Mrs. Stockley!

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