2017 National Teacher Appreciation Week ~ Karen Dixon

5.9.17 Maddie_Dixon, HPS

Thompson School District is proud to celebrate 2017 National Teacher Appreciation Week, May 7-13. All this week, we are featuring photos and inspirational words submitted by students and families throughout the district.

Teacher: Karen Dixon

Student: Maddie

School: High Plains School

Grade: 1

This picture was taken on the first day of school. Kids are usually nervous on that first day, especially coming into a new school. Mrs. Dixon seemed to make all of the kids feel comfortable right away. She is such a kind and compassionate person and the kids seemed to gravitate towards that. It’s crazy how fast the year has gone by. I can’t imagine being a first grade teacher. It definitely takes just the right person, and I’m so glad High Plains School found Mrs. Dixon and snatched her up. She has so many great qualities that lend to her being such a wonderful teacher. She’s patient, caring, respectful, organized, fun, responsible, devoted, involved and the list goes on. It’s so nice as a parent to feel at ease knowing that your child is in good hands. My daughter Maddie has been so excited about what she’s learned throughout the year. She jumps at the chance to show off the new math problems she can do or the harder level books she can now read. Mrs. Dixon is able to create an environment that makes learning fun and keeps the kids interested. She has also been able to teach them how to be respectful to each other. I think she’s done an incredible job of creating a solid base of knowledge and respect for the kids to take with them as they head to second grade. I don’t know how she does does it, but I’m so incredibly appreciative that she does. Keep it up Mrs. Dixon, you rock!


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