2017 National Teacher Appreciation Week ~ Lindsay Fickenscher

5.8.17 Savannah_Fickenscher, CRES

Thompson School District is proud to celebrate 2017 National Teacher Appreciation Week, May 7-13. All this week, we are featuring photos and inspirational words submitted by students and families throughout the district.

Teacher: Lindsay Fickenscher

Student: Savannah

School: Coyote Ridge Elementary

Grade: 2

Lindsay Fickenscher is one of the best, most caring teachers that Thompson School District has. She was my daughter’s teacher last year. She truly cares for the students in her class. My daughter still talks highly of this teacher and runs to her and is so happy to see her.

I will be changing schools for I’m moving. My kids are at Coyote Ridge now and the school has many great people in the building. They too should be appreciated. Rebecca Kissler brightens up my daughter when she is having a hard day. Mr. Davis has helped my daughter with her reading out loud. These people are just some of the people my kids will miss.

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