Bill Reed LISA Math & Keysight Extravaganza!

Bill Reed’s 6th graders were again at the center of a week-long Arts Extravaganza.  This time, Bill Reed teamed up with local engineering company Keysight in a cross-curricular collaborative project.  Keysight had “invented” a computer chip that was able to detect brainwaves and asked Bill Reed’s 6th graders to utilize the design cycle to plan, model, and diagram a product that used the chip, create a marketing plan for it, and “pitch” that plan in a Shark Tankesque fashion.  Keysight offered their facilities and professionals to workshop students’ products and kicked in over $500 in prizes.  The kids were highly motivated throughout, learning real-life applications of academic skills from a variety of subjects in the process.  And who knows?  Maybe we’ll be seeing a flood of new brain monitoring inventions in the near future, led, of course, by our Bill Reed students.

Investigating and planning before Keysight field trip:

6th Grade Teams Visit Keysight to pitch product ideas on April 24th & 25th:

Tomorrow, Keysight engineers will interview the finalists for awards at Bill Reed, and their product videos will be viewed in the auditorium.

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