Berthoud High School Sophomores Get CPR Experience

Do you know how to save a life? Well, BHS sophomores sure do, after last weeks training. All of the sophomores were called down to the large gym for a special presentation by Thompson Valley emergency medical technicians (EMTs). The soon-to-be juniors watched a video on CPR, then were made to practice CPR on dummies. ‘“I don’t think it was anything new, just a refresher and a reminder in case any of us were in danger.” sophomore Sydney Holden said in the assembly. Nothing new for sure, but definitely helpful and maybe even a lifesaver, if someone is choking and a sophomore is around to help. When asked about his opinion of the assembly, and whether he wants to do it again, Mr Scheck responded, “Well, obviously yes, I like it, because that’s 175 more people in the school that know how to give CPR and are confident that they know how, and they also know where the two AED machines are now.” Scheck continued, “Yes, we plan to do this with the sophomores each year, if possible do it a bit earlier in the year.”

By: Lukas Klein

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