Berthoud High School “Code Wars” Team Goes Global

Do you have a knack or a talent for programming and coding? Well, Berthoud High School has a program for that, too! Taught by Keith Lobdell, these teams practice by programming and coding intensely for the annual meets each year at several locations worldwide, including Bangalore, Taipei, Houston, Palo Alto, and our very own Fort Collins.

Sponsored by the Hewlett Packard Enterprise, the annual HP Code Wars provides a first-class programming competition for high school students. Code Wars offers a high-tech setting, programming challenges, food and music all in a competitive, fun environment. Students can enjoy pushing their coding skills to the limit and after it is over, the best competitors receive trophies. BHS sent two teams to Fort Collins for the competition this year and one of them, consisting of Jack Klein, Fiona Lingard and Matt Rottinghaus, received an incredible second place in the competition!

When asked about his team’s skill at coding, senior Matt Rottinghaus said, “I think our skill levels were varied – We had someone who had a lot of experience with coding, I am pretty decent with coding and then we also had a freshman who had just started coding. So our skill levels are wide.”

Sponsor and BHS teacher Keith Lobdell commented on what he thought was the best part of the experience: “It was the networking I got to have. I got to have conversations with Hewlett Packard about what they’re looking for. I got some ideas about some things that I would like to implement in my classes.  I like how our kids got to stack up against kids from other high schools in the area.” Rottinghaus continued, “I’m definitely anticipating our next competition because we have a strong core of seniors and some younger competitors who can continue Code Wars in the coming years.”

This is truly the ultimate coding competition, as students compete to prove their programming skills and compete for honor and glory.

By Lukas Klein

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