Flexible Seating at Berthoud Elementary

 3.24.17 BES Flexible Seating
   Our students are fully utilizing our new flexible seating options we were able to get through a Healthy Schools Grant that we were awarded this year! Studies have shown that sitting for long periods of time with no movement decreases the brains ability to focus and learn; flexible seating offers a way for students activate their bodies without disrupting the class during long learning sessions. In combination with brain breaks, flexible seating helps to decrease behavior problems and increase focus.
   Kindergarten received an under the desk pedaler for busy feet, 1st and 2nd grades received ball chairs, 3rd grade received stand up desks, 4th and 5th grades received a mix of ball chairs and stand up desks for their classrooms. Each class has a set approach for sharing and making the options available to each student equitably.

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