A Message from TSD Board of Education President, Lori Hvizda Ward

Lori Hvizda Ward

I would like to thank the members of our community who supported the recent Bond and Mill Levy Override ballot issues put forth by the Board of Education.  I also wish to extend the entire Board’s gratitude to the many community and staff members who volunteered with the Master Plan Committee for over a year in developing the Thompson Reinvented plan.

With the election results, we must now accept that this plan will not become reality. However, the needs in the district have not disappeared and must still be addressed. There are buses needing replacement, buildings needing overdue maintenance, and students and teachers needing updated curriculum and technology. The challenge of attracting and retaining high quality staff remains.

The Board of Education will be meeting in work sessions over the next weeks and months to consider alternatives and possible next steps.  I anticipate that these will be difficult discussions and I am confident that the Board and senior administration are committed to doing the hard work our community demands to benefit every child, every day in Thompson School District.

Lori Hvizda Ward
Thompson School District Board of Education

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