Ponderosa Elementary Students Honored for Their Generosity



Addi and Ava were presented with an Inspiring Students Award by Superintendent Dr. Scheer at the board meeting on September 21 and below is a copy of the nomination letter.


Dear Dr. Scheer,

Imagine my complete delight and warmth of heart when two fifth grade students, Addi and Ava, approached me this morning and handed me a plastic baggie containing money.  You see, as they handed me the money, they explained that they had earned $25 over the summer by running a lemonade stand in their neighborhood.  They continued, saying that they had decided to donate their entire earnings to the school for our students who may need school supplies, but could not afford them.

Dr. Scheer, the loving kindness and sincere generosity shown by Addi and Ava in this simple random act of kindness exemplifies the heart of a “Global Citizen”, one who “Takes Action” by having a social sense of responsibility as demonstrated by the care they have shown for others.

I’d like to take this opportunity to recognize Addi and Ava by nominating them for the Thompson School District’s Inspiring Students Award.  It fills me with great pride in doing so, knowing that without a doubt, these two young ladies will make an incredibly positive impact in our community and beyond in all they do.

Most Sincerely,

Kandi Smith, Principal

Ponderosa Elementary






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