Loveland Pastels on 5th

9.1.16 LISA Pastels6

Pastels on 5th is coming up on September 10th from 10 am – 5 pm. A city sponsored event to benefit Alternatives to Violence; a sidewalk chalk art festival with live music, food and a kids area for chalking. The event is FREE. It’s in downtown Loveland adjacent to the Loveland Museum/Gallery.

The LISA program and various other TSD schools will be purchasing/sponsoring several squares at the event to represent their school and donate to the cause. Here is an update on what LISA is doing now:

5 TSD exceptional art students were selected and recognized by the district art teachers and LISA Coordinators to attend the student artist/mentor workshop with local professional artist, Kim Leszczynski.

Candice Ingold, district coordinator, hired Kim as a guest artist to work with the LISA kids to create an image for the event. The students will then come back for the Pastels on 5th event on September 10th to continue working with the artist to execute the student-collaborated design.

Attached are some photos of the kids and their practicing of pastel chalk with the artist, Kim Leszczynski.

Garfield students selected were: Lilah Aschenbrenner, Keegan Dreith, and Lupita Flores.

Bill Reed students selected were: Lauren Alexander, Cordelia Bowlus, and Annalina Scalise.

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