2016 National Teacher Appreciation Week – Tanya Miller

5.6.16 CBMS Miller-Rachel

Thompson School District is proud to celebrate 2016 National Teacher Appreciation Week, May 2-6. All this week, we are featuring photos and inspirational words submitted by students and families throughout the district.

Teacher: Tanya Miller

Student: Rachel

School: Conrad Ball Middle School

Grade: 6

My teacher, Ms. Miller, is a wonderful teacher. She is thoughtful and kind. Ms. Miller is also very considerate and cares about others. She even does the No Place for Hate group at Conrad Ball Middle School. She is also my art and art club teacher. Sometimes Ms. Miller will say a hysterical joke and everybody will laugh. She tells stories (guess if it’s true), and if you are feeling glum, her jovial personality will help to cheer you up.

Ms. Miller is also an incredible artist. She can help you with your art. I think that I have learned a lot more about art in her class than any other class for art.

Thank you, Ms. Miller.

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