2016 National Teacher Appreciation Week – Barbara Midgett


5.4.16 PES Midgett-Evie

Thompson School District is proud to celebrate 2016 National Teacher Appreciation Week, May 2-6. All this week, we are featuring photos and inspirational words submitted by students and families throughout the district.

Teacher:  Barbara Midgett

Student:  Evie

School: Ponderosa Elementary School

Grade: 2

Our daughter, Evie, loves Mrs. Midgett for all the reasons a kid should love his or her teacher. She is funny, loves to laugh, and has “comedian breaks” in the classroom. She makes up songs to help the kids remember key learning strategies. She shows support and affection every day. She lets them into her world and shares stories about her family for connections. Most of all, she is their GREATEST cheerleader and LOVES to celebrate their successes!

Evie’s dad and I love Mrs. Midgett because she is amazing communicator who keeps us involved in our child’s learning. She helps us strategize and come up with new ways to influence learning and help Evie with overcoming math challenges by sending home extra practice and even meeting with Evie in the afternoons (she tutors kids every morning and afternoon when she can). She is dedicated to the curriculum and helping kids be as successful as possible. Mostly, she understands situations at home can impact learning and she supports individual families. Evie’s grandma died in December and Mrs. Midgett helps comfort her and empathizes with her daily. She comforts and loves Evie while she is at school and we can’t. She is not just an impactful and effective teacher, she is an amazing friend to us all who has included us in learning, loving and growing as family. We LOVE Mrs. Midgett.


One comment

  1. Barbra we knew you were an awesome person when our nephew Trevor brought you into the family!!! Good Job we love you…Richard and DuAnn Parker


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