Van Buren Elementary 5th Graders Explore “The Good, the Bad and the Gross!”


Van Buren Elementary School’s 5th Grade READ180 class experienced a workshop entitled,  “Food: The Good, the Bad and the Gross!”  TSD wellness specialist Andrea Walker arranged for the students to use the “Smoothie Bike,” which creates terrific smoothies as well as an opportunity to encourage physical fitness. The students chopped, diced, measured and peddled their way to enjoying a surprisingly delicious and nutritious smoothie!

The 5th graders also learned that what seems to be “totally gross” might not be so gross after all! For those that dared (and with parent permission, our course), bugs were offered up!  The group learned that not only are they high in protein and low in fat, they actually taste rather good!   We also read that 80% of people around the world think bugs are just delicious.  I can’t say we are completely “buggy” over Mexican Spiced Larvets or candied ants; but the experience was unforgettable!

I am very thankful for this opportunity to bring learning to life with my amazing students. What an adventure!

Karey Thomas
Interventionist/ READ180 Teacher
Van Buren Elementary School

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