Explore, Engage, and Expand…

A gifted student’s identity is often defined by being the academic standout at school. Applying for college, especially institutions full of valedictorians, can be a real eye opener.  If a gifted student is now a small fish in a large pond of applicants, how can they once again become the standout?

Colleges are seeking students who are driven by passion and an eagerness to learn coupled with real-world skills. Applicants that get really excited by something, and pursue that interest during high school bring something exciting to colleges.

The Thompson School District E3 program was developed for students who want to explore professional paths or possess a strong passion. E3 students exploreengage and expand their passion and learning by designing an interest-based project and working closely with community mentors. Students gain professional skills such as collaboration, creativity and communication while earning academic credit.

E3 students are encouraged to pursue their passion for their own personal learning and fulfillment.  However, college applicants who possess a passion and demonstrate the pursuit of that passion can make a great impression on a college admissions office.

Sound interesting? Connect with Diane McInturff, Director of E3, to learn more about the program. She can be contacted at diane.mcinturff@thompsonschools.org

Keep exploring,
Carol Swalley
Gifted & Talented Administrator