TSD Graduation Rate Increases Three Percentage Points

Last week, the Colorado Department of Education released official graduation rates for all districts within the state, which verify that Thompson School District (TSD) has made significant gains in the percentage of graduates who earned their high school diplomas. The district’s rate of 77.5% for the 2014-2015 school year is an increase of three percentage points over the previous year. TSD is the only district in the immediate area that had an increase in its overall graduation rate from 2014 to 2015.

“The district’s increase in graduation rate is outstanding proof of our amazing staff, who work hard each day to meet the needs of every child, and of our students who are working to realize their dreams,” said Dr. Margaret Crespo, Thompson School District Chief Academic Officer.

The district also saw an increase in the graduation rate in the range of 5-9% among most sub-group populations and a decrease in the overall drop-out rate by .3%. The district’s drop-out rate of 1.9% is now .6% lower than the state average.

TSD has created and fostered a variety of initiatives and support programs to assist all students on their path to graduation and post-secondary opportunities. In addition, the district created the “Thompson 2 Life” task force in 2013 to research, discuss and make decisions regarding ways to provide quality foundations and personalized learning. The task force is comprised of parents, community members, teachers and administrators who meet on a monthly basis.

“Thompson School District is working hard to make sure that our children are college, career and community ready,” Crespo emphasized. “We hope to continue to increase our graduation rate and decrease the drop-out rate. TSD continues to expand programs and opportunities to connect to our students and their future, one child at a time.”

For more information, please contact Michael Hausmann, Thompson School District Public Information Officer, at 970-613-5011 or via email at michael.hausmann@thompsonschools.org.

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