Leadership Loveland Visits TSD

The Loveland Chamber of Commerce’s “Leadership Loveland” class visited TSD on December 8 for their scheduled “Education Day.”

The program is designed to develop emerging leaders in order to supplement and encourage high quality local leadership. Through the involvement of business, civic and community leaders, the Leadership Loveland program addresses these basic goals:

• To identify, motivate and develop community leaders.
• To assist future leaders in identifying issues and problems facing the community and to develop possible solutions.
• To provide program participants with opportunities to meet current leaders and encouraging greater community involvement.

On the second Tuesday of each month from September to May, Leadership Loveland program participants attend monthly one-day seminars. During the year, the class is introduced to a diverse curriculum that includes in-depth information on areas such as business and the economy, public safety, health and human services, education and local government.

In addition to taking a tour of the High Plains School construction site, attendees to the session at TSD learned general information about the district and also explored two specialty programs – The “RC Foam Fighters” program at Lucile Erwin Middle School and the “Leader in Me” program at Carrie Martin Elementary School.

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