Subaru of Loveland Hosts “Kids Pak” Program to Assist TSD Students

Loveland Rotary Club’s “Kids Pak” team took their program on the road on November 18 to Subaru of Loveland, assembling nearly 500 packs of food for students in need throughout Thompson School District. The packs were assembled by two teams – “Team Thompson,” which consisted of school principals and district administrators, and “Team Subaru,” which featured employees of the dealership. A contest was judged by TSD Board of Education member Pam Howard and district Director of Nutrition Services Lisa Kendall. Though Team Thompson edged out their Subaru friends in the competition to see which team could assemble their assigned packages the quickest, the true winners of the day are the students who will benefit from the much-needed food packs!

Kids Pak is a weekend hunger relief program for children that partners with the district to provide packs of food that meet the nutritional requirements for students. The program has teamed up with the Food Bank for Larimer County to create a specific menu each week to meet these needs. Currently, a total of 31 schools within TSD are being served.

Thompson School District extends a heart-felt thanks to the Kids Pak team, Loveland Rotary Club and our friends at Subaru of Loveland for their support and dedication to our students!

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